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Ahhh we're under attack

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    Ahhh we're under attack!!!

    It sounds like Baghdad during the US bombing!!!!! I know maybe 10% of these explosions can be guns but most of what im hearing outside sounds like people are setting off bombs. AND ITS ONLY 10:40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    TAKE COVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    whoops :redface:
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    well, maybe its just the local kids playing. when i played with bombs, i always tried to set the small ones off after supper. The big ones go off in the morning!
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    The other night on the local news they had a plea to people to not shoot their guns to celebrate. Stupid highlights were a man that was drunk and forgot he was inside his apartment and shot off his gun to celebrate at midnight and hit the person in the apartment above him. One woman reporter said "my daddy always shot his guns off at midnight, but you know, those bullets come down and they hurt people, so maybe that's a holiday ritual that should be stopped". Gee, ya think? :rolleyes:

    Hey Bubba let's get drunk and shoot our guns!!!
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    Well one guy a few years ago was killed when a bullet came down and went through his house and hit him in the head! Talk about probability.....
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    Yeah, we should make new customs that include dropping cats off buildings and stuff.
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    I hate people shooting into the air. I've seen commercials that say don't do it, but I've always thought there should be public service announcements that explain the math, it's easy enough to explain simply and quickly. People think the bullets float gently to the ground and they need to understand the facts.
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    Who the heck thinks that? :confused: :confused: :confused:
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    Holdovers from the days of Aristotle. Bullets don't weigh very much so they can't fall very fast.
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    After they banned firecrackers up here, I used to touch the .44 off at midnight, but it was always into a proper target with a backstop.
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