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News Ahmadinejad Meeting Antizionist Jews in NY

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    Interesting Video.
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    Just when you think you've seen/heard it all.
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    It's a rather strange video.
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    Ahmadinejad has always gotten along fine with anti-Zionists from what I've seen of him anyway, be they Jews or otherwise. He even hosted some anti-Zionist Jews at what many called the "Holocaust denial conference", where they came to confront the deniers with the facts. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=9209384689804807271&ei=j8jBSodS0riVB_781NwG&q=holocaust+iran+jews&hl=en#" [Broken], unfortunately the audio quality is awful, but I recommend suffering though it to hear a perspective I doubt many here have.
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    That interviewer on Faux news is such a bozo. He can't shut up for 5 seconds to save his life.
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    I'm fairly sure the Foxnews guy was doing exactly the job which he was assigned to.
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    I think they lost him when they mentioned the holocaust.
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    I get the impression Ahmadinejad lost you when he mentioned "The Holocaust", or more likely some handwaving from others got in the way. Despite popular opinion, Ahmadinejad acknolages the Nazi genocide. For example, http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/14911753/" [Broken]:
    That exemplifies his dispute; which is not with the fact that the Nazis murdered millions of Jews, but with how that genocide of Jews has been exalted over that of all the other groups Hitler deemed "sub-human" and murdered off, along with all the other people who lost their lives in the madness which was WWII. Later in the interview he explains his reason for taking issue with the way many perceive the Nazi's genocide against Jews:
    This is the same position on the matter which; the Right Honourable Sir Gerald Kaufman http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMGuYjt6CP8&feature=player_embedded", despite the fact he was raised by survivors and is well versed in the facts.
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    Does this symbolize a stop in Nuclear Warfare
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    I should point out that I don't care for Ahmadinejad or the anti-zionist Jews that he was with, or the Palestinians, or Israelis. I just thought the clip was interesting and not something you see in western media.
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    A-Jad likes to talk out of both sides of his mouth and he is quite skilled at it - and you only showed one side of what he says. With the other side of his mouth, he calls for debate, calls historians politically motivated and holds meetings with holocaust deniers: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mahmoud_Ahmadinejad#Allegations_of_Holocaust_denial_and_anti-Semitism
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    I consider talking out both sides of one's mouth a sign of affliction rather than a skill, but I am only able to show from that which I have seen.
    As one who believes nothing temporal is sacred, I don't see the duplicity you allege in that.
    He said most are politically motivated, and I'm not rightly in a position to either substantiate or refute that claim. Are you?
    Yet he also includes people who don't deny anything of the sort, Orthodox rabbis no less, as I presented above. Why are you only acknowledging one side of that?
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    Seriously? It is one of the critical skills that makes for a good politician!
    You don't? Really? It's classic crackpot logic for people who want to challenge the mainstream. It's the primary argument used by creationists for inserting creationism into schools, for example. He wants to debate something that there is no reasonable debate to be had on. That's a clear sign of a crackpot.
    C'mon, kyleb. You're playing into his hand. Your line of argument simply isn't reasonable. There is no serious debate between historians over the major points of the holocaust and I think you know it. It has nothing to do with political bias. You're starting to sound like him!

    Furthermore, his position on the subject is clearly motivated by political bias. The stated goal of that holocaust conference was to attack Israel regardless of whether the holocaust happened or not:

    So the point was really just to set up a forum for attacking Israel.
    I am pointing out the side that you didn't acknowledge. Why would I need to reiterate what you said? Caveat: I'm not sure any of those groups/people you pointed out really represent the mainstream view. The choices were clearly chosen to support the second half of the conference's motives: the 'even if the holocaust happened, Israel still shouldn't exist' part.
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    He sent a personal congratulation letter to Obama .. So, these kind of things are at least not new.

    I think he will do anything to isolate Israel.
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    Could it be this discussion reveals that any Jewish person with the means and opportunity to live in Israel could be labeled an Antizionist Jew? Hence the significance of the meeting is diminished.

    To summarize, under this working definition, Ahmadinejad met with Jewish persons who live in New York (and choose not to live in Israel) who expressed concern for the welfare and noted the contributions of Jews living in Iran. It's hardly newsworthy in this context.
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