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AIAA - Textbooks in Aerodynamics and Space Engineering

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    American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
    (AIAA - www.aiaa.org )

    Good site for those who are seriously interested in basics of aerospace propulsion, rockets (missiles), and mission design

    Some titles you might find interesting (as of Sep 18, 2005 and subject to change):

    Hypersonic Aerothermodynamics
    http://www.aiaa.org/store/storeproductdetail.cfm?id=272 [Broken]

    Hypersonic Airbreathing Propulsion
    http://www.aiaa.org/store/storeproductdetail.cfm?id=11 [Broken]

    Inlets for Supersonic Missiles
    http://www.aiaa.org/store/storeproductdetail.cfm?id=261 [Broken]

    Space Transportation: A Systems Approach to Analysis and Design
    http://www.aiaa.org/store/storeproductdetail.cfm?id=622 [Broken]

    Space Vehicle Design, Second Edition
    http://www.aiaa.org/store/storeproductdetail.cfm?id=1107 [Broken]

    Space Vehicle Dynamics and Control
    http://www.aiaa.org/store/storeproductdetail.cfm?id=521 [Broken]

    Spacecraft Mission Design
    http://www.aiaa.org/store/storeproductdetail.cfm?id=523 [Broken]

    Spacecraft Propulsion
    http://www.aiaa.org/store/storeproductdetail.cfm?id=281 [Broken]

    Structural Dynamics in Aeronautical Engineering
    http://www.aiaa.org/store/storeproductdetail.cfm?id=575 [Broken]

    and there's lots more
    http://www.aiaa.org/content.cfm?pageid=166 [Broken] (then click on books)

    or go straight to books:

    AIAA Education Series (browse titles)
    http://www.aiaa.org/store/books.cfm?luSeriesID=1 [Broken]

    Progress in Astronautics and Aeronautics (browse titles)
    http://www.aiaa.org/store/books.cfm?luSeriesID=9 [Broken]

    Case Studies (Written by aerospace designers)
    http://www.aiaa.org/store/books.cfm?luSeriesID=4 [Broken]

    If a link is bad, go to main or store and try from there.
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