AIDS risk assessment

  1. Canadian Blood Services inquires about a person’s travels before blood donations are accepted. Explain why this practice can be classified as preventive.

    Inquiring about an individual’s travel is a positive practice to preventing HIV occurrences. When travelling to many tropical areas of the world (i.e. Africa), there is a higher risk of contracting infectious diseases.

    But why is there a higher risk?
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  3. How do tropical areas and places like Canada, US, the EU, differ?
  4. they are warmer in terms of climate.
  5. That's a start. How else are they different? Think in terms of how a third world country is different from an industrialised country.
  6. i guess our economy is higher, more diversity in medicine, more technological advanced. I like how you are doing this Snazzy. I learn better. :)
  7. That's better. If you've ever been to a third-world country, doctors might give you medication or tell you to do certain things with what you eat or drink. Why is that?
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