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AIDs TV Movie

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    Hey, can anyone remember a movie I vaguely remember from memory as a child. I think it was a TV movie but I'm not positive. It was about the parents of a child or some such who had an immunodeficiency disease like AIDs (I can't actually remember if it was AIDs). Basically the parents became obsessed with the science of AIDs and actually made a not insignificant contribution to the study of AIDs. I remember a particular scene where the father is in a public library reading bio books and he's fiddling with some funny looking paper clip and it gives him the insight into... well... something (obviously he didn't cure AIDs). Anyways, I was just wondering if anyone knew what this movie was (or maybe i'm on hallucinagens).
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    Would that be "[URL [Broken] Oil?[/URL]
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    That sounds promising... Not that there's a chance that I could get my hands on a copy.
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