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Aiming to high?

  1. Jul 8, 2009 #1

    Im wondering if I am aiming too high for gradschool in aerospace engineering. I am going for a PhD.

    Major GPA (mechanical) 3.68 from a fairly well known school
    -Have also taken a lot of advanced undergrad classes, and will take two graduate level classes next year.

    Member of university's aerospace club
    -independent study with club
    -we have designed and are currently building our own remote controlled plane

    REU at a top 20 university

    Internship at NASA

    Hope to do another independent study next year

    Two years of tutoring, I won an award as an outstanding tutor

    At least 2 excellent letters, and the other one should be good

    Havent taken GRE. Not worried about the quantitative, a little worried about verbal.

    Schools I am applying to for aerospace:

    Georgia Tech
    Penn State

    Obviously no can really predict whether or not I will get in, but do you think I will at least be competitive?
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