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Air Coil Inductance Formula

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    I have noticed there are different Inductance formula's for a various types of air coils & there design, single layer spiral, flat wound spiral, multilayer etc.

    My question is for the design of Jumble wound --- Random wound air core coils:

    What is the Inductance formula for a Jumble wound---Random wound air coil & the necessary dimension points needed to be taken for the caculation.
    Some say you use the single layer spiral air coil formula, others say use the multilayer formula & some say neither apply?

    Is there a site that i can go to to look this up or can anybody help me out?

    Thank You
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    The Electrician

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    I think the multi-layer formula is the one to use. The thickness of the jumble wound layer won't be easy to measure, so you may just have to estimate an average. Also, the correction factor for the spacing of the individual conductors won't be easy to calculate either, but I think the multi-layer formula would be best.
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