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Air Compressor Oil

  1. May 11, 2005 #1
    I just have purchased an air compressor
    Nikota 2 hp., 4 gallon twin tank, 115 psi,
    and i was wondering what kind of oil i am supposed to put in the pump
    also i don't have any directions
    any suggestions?
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    I would choose an oil which doesn't boil at the highest temperature reached, and also conserves an stable viscous behavior ([tex] \frac{\partial \mu}{\partial T}<<<[/tex]) over all the temperature range in which the machine works.
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    http://www.app-nikota.com/home/ [Broken]

    Ask the source.
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    Ah Faust, you beat me to it.

    Half the problem is just knowing who to ask: support@nikota.com
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