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Air consumption rate

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    Hi all

    I am trying to set up a report showing the air consumption rate of my cylinder actuators on different valves. I am stuck at the very end where I should calculate the air consumption rate. All calcs are in metric units.

    Okay as an example lets use the following:
    Valve: SKG200 with closing thrust 1259kg at 10bar line pressure.
    Actuator size: D = 250 mm
    Valve stroke: S = 296 mm
    Cylinder rod diameter: d = 32 mm
    Available air pressure: P2_guage = 4 bar

    Now I calculated the total cylinder volume for the closing and opening strokes:
    V_open = ((D-d)/10)^2*∏/4*S = 8584.8 cm^3
    V_close = (D/10)^2*∏/4*S = 11290.1 cm^3

    So the total air consumption respectively:
    Air_open = V_open*(P2_guage+1)/1000 = 42.92 liter
    Air_closed = V_close*(P2_guage+1)/1000 = 56.5 liter

    And with a maximum operating speed of 25mm/s we calculate that the duration of the stroke is:
    t = S/25 = 296/25 = 11.84 sec

    So now that I have all this info, how do I calculate the rate of air consumption if I want to know what size compressor to buy... Thanks guys and I hope this is in the correct forum...
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