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Air Curtain Calculation

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    I would like to calculate the values for an air curtain. I've tried using the aircurtain calculator from Engineering Toolbox:


    Δp = 2.2 q2 sin(α) / b H3/4

    but I'm not sure how to figure in the length of the opening - q (q = air flow through discharge nozzle (m3/s per meter opening width in wall)).

    Ultimately I like to have a formula where I can see how the volume of air required changes as the size of the opening changes.

    Any thoughts?

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    Its really up to you the designer actually regarding how much air discharge you want people to feel when passing through of course not too much or too little, find a good balance , most formula as such has 2 unknown variable, you get to fill it in and play around with the proportion..

    For ware houses, shopping malls and similar buildings with openings up to 2.5 m the velocity should not exceed 5 - 9 m/s. For industrial buildings the velocity can be exceeded to 35 - 40 m/s.
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