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Air cylinders for leverage

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    I am wanting to use two air cylinders to get the leverage I need to make a mechanical movement easier. Right now I have a foot pedal that's connected to a rod that also connects at the other end to a cross shaft on a pedal steel guitar. This cross shaft is connected to another rod that is connected to a changer finger that when pulled stretches a string. The problem I have now is no matter how I make my connections using mechanical leverage here and there I still have to press on the pedal harder than I would like in order to stretch this string. What I have in mind is to use two air cylinders to get the mechanical leverage I need to make pressing this pedal easier so I can stretch this string with less effort. If I connect my pedal to the rod of an air cylinder say that's a 1.5 inch bore with a 3/4 inch stroke, run an air line from the port of this cylinder where air escapes when I pull the shaft, and connect the other end of this air line to the port of the second air cylinder that is a 3/8 inch bore with a 1/2 inch stroke. The object is to get the movement of the first cylinder to move the second cylinder but since the first cylinder is a bigger bore than the second cylinder wouldn't it give me the leverage I need to make this movement with less effort from my pedal?

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