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Air Distribution Systems, Heating and Cooling Systems

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    DURU Klima consists of engineers who gained experience in the leading companies of Turkish HVAC market. The company acts as representative of the following companies in Turkey;
    •German KRANTZ in Air Distribution Systems, Heating and Cooling Systems (Chilled Ceiling, Chilled Beams) and Clean Room Components and Systems ( Laminar Outlet For Operating Theatres, Ceiling Diffusers with Hepa Filter,Clean Work Areas…)

    •Danish DANTHERM in Swimming Pool Air Handling Units and Complete Air Handling Units Built in Control Equipment,

    •Italian SABIANA in Fan-Coil Units, Unit Heaters and Radiant Panels,

    The mission of DURU Klima is to proceed on its way with sound steps in a peaceful atmosphere and to remain “CLEAR-PURE” with its biggest capital of mutual trust shown to its team and collaborative companies.

    Best[/PLAIN] [Broken] Regards,


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