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Air Hose & Valve - Maximum Nominal vs Shock Pressure

  1. Oct 18, 2012 #1
    Hey guys I'm designing an air cannon robot and I need your help determining what valves and hoses i need to get in terms of maximum pressure. Based on my research, the maximum pressure ratings for hoses and solenoid valves are for constant pressure and even flows, but because I'll be making an air cannon which uses rapid rise in air pressure to shoot objects, I need to get hoses and valves that can withstand the shock pressure. I'll be shooting with around 100psi. Would hoses and valves rated for 200-230 psi be able to withstand the shock pressure? or should I get something rated for 600+psi to be safe? The flow of air is as follows:
    High Pressure Air Tank > Regulator > Resorvoir > Solenoid Valve > Air Hose > Barrel
    No extreme temperatures.
    The hose is rubber.
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