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Air in turbine tunnel

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    Newbie here;I have a project where I need to know the formula to find the speed of a known quantity of air in cubic feet per minute going though an orfice.So I can calculate
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    Firstly, [tex]ft^3/min[/tex] is not a unit of speed, rather of volumetric flow, typically denoted by the variable, Q. Dividing Q by the cross-sectional area will give you the velocity.

    However, aside from that, you've given us nothing. You are posting zero knows in this problem and expect an answer for something. Do you have upstream pressure? Mass flow? What?
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    Thank you for that Minger,,,,,I,m off to the hospital for a scat scan and will post more details when I return.
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    Hi Minger,,,,OK,Back in home,,

    air volume=375,000 cfm3

    orfice=18,900 ft2

    air pressure=20 inches water column

    velocity of air = ?
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    Look at the units.

    You have flow in
    [tex] \frac {ft^3} {min} [/tex]

    and an area in
    [tex] ft^2 [/tex]

    can you look at that and figure out the operation needed to arrive at a number in

    [tex] \frac {ft} {min} [/tex] ?
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    What am I missing ?
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    Those numbers look odd...
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