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Air in water

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    I'm currently studying the phenomena of air bubbles in water affecting the sound (as it affects the speed of sound) produced in the water... I actually have a model for how the speed of sound should alter with the amount of air in it...

    but I've got som problem with a thing I found out recently... Its Henry's Law about amount of air dissolved in water depending on temperature and pressure.

    Unlike the airbubbles, this air is dissolved in the water. But does it still affect the speed of sound? A motivation for either answer would be apreciated...
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    Not too much I guess. Ofcourse the water changes of substance a little, but the effect of air bubbles on the speed of sound is much greater, as one can notice by ticking on the bottom of a cup of instant coffee after stirring.

    The air bubbles change the bulk modulus of the water appreciately. Becaus e water becomes much more compressible when these bubbles are present. I think the effect of dissolved air is negligible.
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