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Air ionizer

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    Im trying to work on a project and was curious if anyone knew if an air ionizer could be used to place a charge on objects moving through the air. If so what could be the magnitude of the charge of such an objects? The setting of the area would be probably out side but if necessary indoors.
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    my English is poor but if I understand your question right you ask if an air ionizer can charge any object remotely.
    My answer is completely NOT significantly. It may create strong electric field (depending on its voltage) but will not transfer (to be precise almost none) none of charge.
    Why are you getting to use the air ionizer in an outdoor area while outdoor area is full of ionts?
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    Yes your right about my question.Well im trying to place a charge on a thrown or fired projectile then using a magnetic field to effect the direction of it. I was hoping that the contact of the negative ions in the air would cause a negative charge in the projectile.
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    Is there methods of applying a charge on a conductive material through an air medium. I am just starting 3rd year EE so it would be nice to have something not too complex.
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    it is an attraction idea to create an electromagnetic shield in fact. But I am worried you cannt charge metal object via air ionizer properly and you would probably need enormous energy source to effect rapidly flighting object (projectile). You can check air ionizer effects yourself e.g. if you connect scourer with high voltage source (small tesla generator for instance).
    I study Electrical Engineering for my bachelor degree as well and if you are looking for something to start up, I can recommend you Arduino board (arduino.cc).
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    That seems to be the same conclusion I have come to. I did some calculations and it seems like it may need to have a large charge on the projectile to have an effect and I have some doubts an ionizer would place a large enough charge. But im just hoping for some change in direction nothing big
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    OK, but if you would like you can still make an air ionizer. The construction is very simply and if you use plain electrodes you may be able to observe so-called Brown's (if I remembered right, probably don't) motion of the air. Air ionizator captures dust and pollen and negative charged ions are salutary for our health and welfare of houseplants :)
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    Im studying at the University of alberta(found in canada). I just finished my c/c++ but my study notes are a bit confusing(portions missing). Im going to guess all your classes are based in english? What year of study are you? should I be worried about any health aspects with possibly over ionizing the air? I read it has positive health aspects... but I worry because i would like to make an attempt at ionizing it as much as possible. (Further then normal) is there a possibility u might have some notes related to it?its hard to find stuff online thats relavent. I have completed my electricity and magnetism course which helps me visualize and possibly predict a few ideas.
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    You're right about sharing notes, it's lacking sense in the age when whole courses including videos from the best universities are available on the web for free. I am just finishing 1 year at TU in Brno as well as you do (did), but my study materials are mostly in Czech.
    If I remembered correctly there is some negative effect at human body from over-ionizating, but I would not be worried about my life :) I've got commercionally sold Ionic-Care TRITON X6 and I turn it on at max for whole day (maybe two) in my small room but except for strange stink I didn't observe any special effects. In the extreme way you may try it gradually and you will see (smell).
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    Actually, I remembered one health hazard from over-ionizating. When ionizating air, the ozone is made and amount of it is enough to be recommended ventilate your room with air-ionizator turned on (quite strange). This is not true for completely all commercially sold air-ionizators (e.g. Triton X6 I owned), but it is true for home-made air-ionizators at all (filters are needed).
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