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Air Mass?

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    If E=mc^2, why is hot air lighter than cold air? Hot air has more energy and should thus have greater mass and therefore be heavier as weight = mg
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    At the same pressure, hot air is less dense - there's less of it per volume.
    Aside from that, a number of molecules on a hot gas would be heavier than the same number of the same cold gas. But it would be very hard to measure the difference. For E=mc^2, you have an awful lot of E equating to very little m.
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    So it's the fact that the air's volume is not constrained which allows it to expand it's volume and being less dense it rises above the colder denser air.

    I would assume then however that if two volumes of air were contact rained in equal sized separate vessels, the hotter air vessel would be infinitesimally heavier?
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    Exactly. Given two containers of gas, identical in all respects except for temperature, the hotter one would have a tiny bit more mass than the cooler one.
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