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Air plasma conductor

  1. Apr 17, 2012 #1
    i've been thinking about creating some sort of taser like weapon. As we know, taser range is limited by the length of the wire and the weight of the electrode. So it's only usefull over short distance. What intend to create is some sort of stunner beam. Here's how it'll work.

    the first part is a Tesla Coil to create an electrical discharge. the problem is, We can't really directed the discharge at the specific target, at least not at a significant range. To that end comes the second part.

    The second part is a IR laser. The laser will turn the air along it's path into a plasma. Now the air plasma is an electrical conductor and the electrical discharge from the capacitor bank will naturally favor this path over anything else. That's how i intended to direct the discharge toward a specific target.

    So in short, the device will fire a laser into a target (in this case a person) and the air along the laser path will turn into plasma. A short time later, the tesla coil will release a discharge and this discharge will flow through the plasmasized air and into the target and through the target into the ground, which of course will theoretically cause an eectrical shock to the target person.

    Now, why i put this here? because i want to ask the physics masters in this forum about the viability of my idea. Now i don't want it to be lethal. I want no more then first degree burn on the target. This device was intended to stun, not to injure. So i beg anyone who have some knowledge about this to give their view. Thanks.
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