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Air Purifier Fan Sizing

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    I recently shifted to South Korea to pursue higher studies and stay with my sister and niece . My niece is working on a high school project on air pollution and indoor air quality studies . Starting with a write up on air pollution and then indoor air quality and effects on health and the remedies . There is a small section on air purifiers and the latest technology where she has uploaded details about this particular Korean brand which we use at home which has some new technology http://go-clair.com/.

    She thinks I'm a know it all person and is asking me about details on air purifier fan sizing . This particular air purifier has some e2f filter which is different from the other HEPA air purifier filters I looked up online . Few Korean products are notches above in technology and I need to refer the Korean google/Naver which gives results in Korean and later uses Google translate . Can someone save me this cumbersome process take a look at this website and give me a simplified air purifier fan sizing calculation for this particular Clair air purifier ?
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    Unfortunately, I don't see any details on that website that would help in fan sizing. If you own one of those purifiers, you will have to measure its performance yourself. You need to know the airflow and pressure drop across the filter.
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    I used the values which were there on the test certificates of their website . Did a reverse calculation on the assumption that the air purifier has a standard 4 ACH . Apparently its just easy CFM cal and I also figured out that it just has a 5 watt rating fan and the fan size/CFM isn't a factor and the e2f filter fibers were the key factor in determining the efficiency . Basically this particular air purifier operates on a slightly different principle as compared to the normal HEPA air filters . Anyways I'm happy I helped her with the project without sounding dumb and in the process discovered this forum .
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