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Homework Help: Air track problem

  1. Sep 19, 2009 #1
    1. L is the length of the air car, t is the time the car blocks a photogate. The car starts at a distance d from the photogate. The air track is also elevated on one end, but I don't know how much.I have to find the equation for the location of the front of an air car on an air track when the average velocity is L/t. The average speed is also L/t in the vicinity of the photogate.

    2.Is the average speed the same as average velocity? Except speed doesn't have direction, so it is instantaneous velocity. Would average velocity L/t be when the photogate lines up with the center of the car?

    3. From what I was thinking, the location of the front of the car would be 1/2L past the photo gate, But I am supposed to express that in an equation using d, L, and t. Would the acceleration need to be found? my first guess is x=1/2(Vo+V)t....which would be x=1/2(L/t)t...which would reduce to x=1/2L. But that doesn't seem right to me. I did not use d.

    [--L--]____________d_____________[___] <---Photogate
    ^car ^distance from photogate
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