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Airbus A-380 already featured in a movie - sort of

  1. May 3, 2005 #1
    Airbus A-380 already featured in a movie -- sort of


    Our grip is further loosened by the plane itself which is by far the most conspicuous character in the film. Looking suspiciously like Airbus’ new dreadnaught of the skies, the soon to be airborne A-380, the plane in this movie is, in a word, enormous. Two full decks of passenger seating with large spiral staircases, massive galleys, a cockpit with bunks for the crew and a full bar, this is no ordinary aircraft. And while the interior is striking and beautiful and the film gets high marks for production design, nobody on board seems to notice. As a matter of fact the passengers act like they’re on a cramped Southwest Airlines flight to Phoenix. The film never really clues us in on whether or not this plane is commonplace in the world of these characters or whether these people just don’t seem to notice that they’re flying onboard the Starship Enterprise [....]

    The movie is called Flightplan and the first trailer has just been posted:
    http://www.themoviebox.net/movies/2005/DEFGH/Flight-Plan/trailer.php [Broken]
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