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Airbus engine noise reduction

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    Liners are accoustic barriers. Especially around fan tips where there are usually some pretty complicated aerodynamic things happening. The whole idea of the single piece is that the seams, no matter how tight you make them, are sources for resonance and transmission. It is very impressive that they figured out a way to do it in a single piece. That is no easy task and to have the composite properties come out properly.
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    So does the noise get focused in one direction instead of spreading out when a liner is used? And is the liner of uniform thickness or thicker where the engine noise is greatest? Do the noisiest places in the engine occur at different locations as engine speed changes?
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    The noise doesn't really get focused. It just isn't impeded. Of course, the nature of the noise is dependent on the conditions and frequencies. It depends highly on the engine. The two big hitters on most engines, is fan tip pass (fan noise) and exhaust gas noise. Exhaust noise was effected greatly by the invention of the turbo fan that reduced exhaust temperatures and velocities. Our engines can have a pretty decent whine to them under certain conditions because of the fan tips. Other components do contribute but not as much as the two stated.
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    FRED GARVIN said:
    "The noise doesn't really get focused. It just isn't impeded"

    So there's just as much noise but it makes a nicer sound?
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