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Aerospace Aircraft Design Software

  1. May 30, 2009 #1
    I will soon be starting to design either a transonic or hypersonic military aircraft.
    I'm just curious what software would be best to use, I have previous experience with MatLab and AAA (darcorp).
    I'm not sure if AAA will be able to work correctly at those speeds.
    Any help would be great, thanks :cool:
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  3. May 31, 2009 #2
    Could you be more specific. Are you going to actually built this vehicle?
  4. May 31, 2009 #3
    Sorry, the project will only be a design project so I wont be building it.
  5. May 31, 2009 #4
    How much money do you have, you do realize these software run in the tens of thousands of dollars?
  6. Jun 1, 2009 #5
    catia v6 is the best
  7. Jun 1, 2009 #6
    For what?
  8. Jun 1, 2009 #7
    CATIA V6 (or V5) is just a modeling software. its the best one available in the market, probably. Although it possesses the ability to do structural analysis, it wont be much of a help in 'DESIGNING' a plane.
    Designing to me is what they taught in TA101 :) Its about the whole idea of engineering a product, right from the dimensions of the wing to the kind of powerplant needed and a whole lot of stuff. and for this, you should consult Aircraft Design by Dan Raymer and try using the software which comes along. modelling would be the next step in designing adn for that i recommend CATIA V5.
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    Designing what?

    There is no "best" software packages. Software is a tool. It's like saying there is a best pencil or best calculator. It makes no sense.
  10. Jun 1, 2009 #9
    I'm going to make an engineering program called "the best software". That way, when people ask, there is no doubt which one is the best. :rolleyes:
  11. Jun 1, 2009 #10
    hey abhidaviator then why these softwares are called design and drafting .You said its only for modeling ,u r totaly wrong man .There are aproximately 84 modules in catia v6, modeling is one of them.
  12. Jun 1, 2009 #11
    Might I remind everyone we use full, proper English here. :wink:
  13. Jun 2, 2009 #12
    Ya, you're right jags. CATIA offers more than just modelling. But that's when you're done with the initial, gross calculations. only when you have finished conceptualising using a paper and a calculator, shifting to a software like CATIA is useful. One can't start with CATIA right in the concept development stage of the project. But once its done, CAD softwares help alot in making minute and important adjustments to the design as required by the product's structural and ergonomic requirements.

    But these days, the starting 'conceptualisation' can also be done on softwares, which are nothing but some mathematical formulae embedded inside the code to make the job easier and to some extent, predict the required modifications in design.
  14. Jun 3, 2009 #13


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    Use the software they provide at your workplace. If there is none there, quit immediately.

    If you're just doing some modeling for watever reason, at previously said there is CATIA, then AutoCAD, EPro etc....

    I think we have yet to understand what you mean.
  15. Jun 5, 2009 #14
    One cant go wrong with Catia can they, airbus use it.

    I have been told that Boeing still use custom Fortran coded software for some areas, this was by a Boeing Employee, so guessing its right (didnt say what application though, just simulation areas)

    Airbus too use MSC software, Delcam, Dassult, Hyperworks + Altair offerings.

    Best software like said, not such thing.

    However, i would argue some software could be called better as its easier to use, but this would be down to the end application.

    Pro/E to me is far harder to use than Catia, but on the same leaf, i still use Pro/E as its got its uses.

    Catia with an FEA + CFD package could be used for structure + design

    Matlab + simulink + flightgear can be used to code systems, and do simulations for systems.

    Never used or heard of AAA Darcop, can fill me in on if its any good if you so wish.
  16. Jul 9, 2011 #15

    I have a question: I want to design an Airplane like a A340, A330, A380, Boeing 747, Boeing 777, and so on... So what Software would you recommend me to buy or use? I would like to design the airplane from the inside (and outside). The design wont be realized it's just for fun.
    I am very happy about every response..

    Thank you
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