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Aircraft engine specifications

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    I'm doing a full stress analysis on a complete aircraft engine. so i was looking for documents with full specifications of the engine ( blueprints,charts,data tables, ...etc. ) .

    I know that most of these information are top secret whether it's a civil engine a military engine.

    However I was hoping that there would be some data out there for old engines that are out of service. I've been surfing the web searching for the past week and still no luck!.

    I'm looking for data on any engine (turbojet or turbofan).
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    Many engine types that are still IN service, were designed before there were computer aided design systems that could handle anything as complicated as a complete engine.

    If you are hoping somebody has digitized literally thousands of sheets of drawings done by hand, and put them on the web, I think you are going to be disappointed.
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    well i'm working with a group of 10 people so even if it was a scan copy we can digitize it that's not an issue .

    here is an example of what i'm looking for http://www.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/804527.pdf

    i would've used the one i linked but the copy is not clear and barley readable. no to mention it's an engine from the 1960s and only a proposal for one
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    and just to be clear, my analysis will be on the (turbine , intake , compressor , nozzle) so there aren't many parts to be drawn here.

    i just need the aerothermal specifications and a blueprint for the shaft , blades, intake and propelling nozzle.
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    You'd have to contact manufacturers specifically. This is not something anyone publishes; especially not for free.
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    I think that's about as good as you are likely to get, from hand drawings and typewritten reports that have been microfilmed.

    Do you realize how many different part numbers you are actually talking about there? Certainly more than 1,000. Maybe even more than 10,000. There are engines from that era that have had literally 100 different versions of just one stage of compressor or turbine.

    From my own experience in the industry, if you wanted to do some work on something that had real historical interest (e.g. an important engine used in WWII), and you can show you have the capability of doing something of general value that can eventually be published as historical research, you might get your foot in the door. But if this is just for your own use or interest, no company is going to give away a lot of their commercial intellectual property for free.

    Remember there are engine designs from the 1960s that are still flying, and still making money from the sale of spare parts for maintenance. You won't get any access to that data for free.

    Even if you wanted something as "up to date" as say the original engine types for the Boeing 747, you probably wouldn't find any computer drawings, because they weren't designed using CAD. Individual parts would have been designed using computer software, but not with the geometry in any format that is a current standard.
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    No company will be willing to give this information for free even for educational purposes, that's why i thought I'll look around for some info before even trying to contact anyone.

    I know that this is not easy, as i said I have a large group of people working and we have a lot of free time so the modeling of parts is not really that big of an issue.

    I wanted to work on something more modern, but i guess doing work on some historical engine and coming up with some modifications to the design as a result of the analysis we are doing is also a great idea. can you recommend any engine that was significant at that era because i really can't think of any atm.

    I know even if the company decided to give information about the design they won't be willing to give away free CAD files so we are aware of the fact that all we are going to get is paper drawings and we have to do the modeling our self.
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    You don't understand. Companies spend thousands (hundreds of thousands) of manhours designing these engines so that they make better engines than the competition. It's not about the CAD, it's about the fact that those dimensions and geometries cost them millions of dollars. You're not going to get paper copies either. You might be able to beg for some GA's and some overall dimensions and technical info, but all of the internals will be proprietary and I'm 98% sure you're not going to get them.

    As AlephZero said, even basic airplane engines have thousands of parts, and the engine doesn't work if they aren't designed right. The information that makes them work right are all proprietary and not likely to be shared at all. Perhaps contact some aviation mechanics places to see if they have any information available> I don't know, I really don't see how this would be possible besides you guys just designing an engine yourself.
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