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Aircraft materials, please help!

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    I have to present a paper on Aircraft materials and I have only one month left to prepare...............
    I've split my paper into 3 parts and for the third aspect,I need to know the material details of Jumbo Jets like 787, A380.
    The books I have are old and I am poor in internet searching.......
    Please give me some sites............................
    please guys................
    Some really good sites
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    Do a search for MIL-HDBK-5J, it has descriptions and material properties for many materials used in aerospace including exotic Auminum Alloys and Titanium Alloys. The PDF can be downloaded for free at some sites.

    As for what materials those specific airplanes are made of, you're on your own. I'm sure many small articles are readily available on the internet.

    ... and quit with the begging. Begging like that usually means the project has been put off to the last possible second and no "real" effort has been put into finding information either on the internet or at the library.
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    Visit the Airbus and Boeing websites.

    And various materials societies ASM International, AIAA, SAE, TMS have resources on aluminum alloys and composites.

    For enginees look at the thread on Rolls Royce Trent Engine Technology, and visit RR's site and GE's site.

    Manufacturers also put out press releases on their materials related to Aviation and Aerospace.

    Try -

    http://www.compositesworld.com/hpc/issues/2004/March/412 [Broken]

    http://www2.dupont.com/Vespel/en_US/NewsEvents/article20070319.html [Broken]

    If one is involved in Materials Science/Engineering, I highly recommend an inexpensive student membership in ASM International, which has a joint student membership with The Metallurgical Society, TMS.
    See - www.asminternational.org

    The membership will get you access to Advanced Materials & Processes, which is a free journal with the membership. It has special editions on materials in specific industries, e.g. Aerospace, Automotive, Marine or specials particular materials like Al alloys, Cu alloys, Steels, . . . .

    For this project see Advanced Materials & Processes:

    Aluminum Alloy Development for the Airbus A380 — PART 2
    Ph. Lequeu, Ph. Lassince (Alcan Rhenalu, Issoire, France)
    T. Warner (Alcan CRV, Voreppe, France)
    AM&P 165(7) 41-44 Jul 2007

    Aluminum Alloy Development for the Airbus A380 — PART 1
    Ph. Lequeu, Ph. Lassince (Alcan Rhenalu, Issoire, France)
    T. Warner (Alcan CRV, Voreppe, France)
    AM&P 165(6)33-35 Jun 2007
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    The mil handbook is now MMPDS. I don't think you'll find anything under the handbook title any more.
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    The MIL-HDBK-5J can still be downloaded (for free). MMPDS costs money AFAIK, since it is being supported by NIST now.

    Link: http://www.weibull.com/mil_std/mil_hdbk_5j.pdf
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    So that's where they moved it to. I remember a ways back when the switch was made and mil handbook was available for free. Then it disappeared. MMPDS was free for a little while. That's why I have only the -01 copy. They are identical though. I have yet to find any differences. Thanks for the link.
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