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Homework Help: Aircraft production project.

  1. Jun 27, 2007 #1
    My dear physics peeps, brothers, sisters, friends..........
    PLEASE SAVE MY SOUL....................
    My professor asked me to do a mini research on aircraft production techniques, and submit a 200 page report....
    Through out the last week, I banged my head hard over the internet, and found not a single page on aircraft production and manufacturing techniques.
    Please help me out.......
    Please gimme some websites.........
    If anyone has already been through a hell like this please help me out....
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    200 page report? Good luck...

    I'd probably start with Henry Ford and what he did for aircraft production during WWII...

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    dude please gimme some more web sites.
    please mann I am so desperate I dont know what to do
    please gimme some good web sources I ll take care th erest
    please mannnn
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    perfectz, your school should have access to online academic journals. You should make use of them.

    Good luck!
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    Aircraft production techniques? Can you be any more vague? What are the most basic machining, joining and forming operations that you can think of? ALL of them go into an aircraft's individual components. Let's name a few of them...:

    Milling (traditional and 5 axis), turning, EDM, welding, brazing, bending, water jet, laser cut, deep drawing, riveting, adhesives, molding, heat treating, casting, surface treatments...

    I would suggest you start breaking an aircraft down into it's different areas and research each one independently. You'll find more information that way.
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    That Wiki article has a great picture of the Willow Run plant back in the day. That's not too far away from me. What a great picture.
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