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Aerospace Aircraft system HELP

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    See the attached figure. It is the admision system of an aircraft (I think it admits supersonic flight). The air enters by the left side. But I'm not sure what are these two branches. The branch of above is closed (it is a recirculation of fluid there) and the below one is opened, so the air exits by there.

    Any suggestion?

    I would think the branch of above seems to be the entrance to the compressor, but it is closed.

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    Its tough to tell from that pic, but could it be BLEED-AIR?
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    Thanks for trying it. After being afraid for that, I have telephoned to one classmate and he has cleared me it up. The higher branch is some closed device for retaining undesired and strange particles. The lower one goes into the turbomachinery.

    Anyway, thanks russ. It is a mesh for numerical computation.
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