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Airflow for cooling

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    The inlet temperature of a baghouse under negative pressure is 400 F and the outlet temperature is 210 F. The volume of air is 10,500 acfm. (baghouse is in poor condition). How do I determine the actual volume given this information?
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    Any significant water present? Is the cooling due only to air infiltration? Is the 10,500 acfm measured at the inlet?
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    It is a dry day, no rain, or mositure in the inlet ductwork. The 10,500 acfm is measured at the fan discharge, which is downstream from the baghouse.
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    I considered a simple mixing process of 400F process air and 70F inleakage air. Process air density = 0.0462 lb/ft3. Inleakage air density = 0.075 lb/ft3. Outlet air density = 0.0593 lb/ft3. All air streams heat capacity = 0.25 Btu/lb-F. A material and energy balance gives two equations and two unknowns. I got 5,720 acfm for the process air and 4,780 acfm for the inleakage air. NOTE: Fan power was not included. If known it can be added to the energy balance.
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    I'm having trouble understanding the question. Actual volume of what? The bag house? The airflow through the bag house? A diagram would help too.
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