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Aerospace Airfoil moment performance details

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    I'm looking for either tables or graphs which show variations in moment coefficient (either about the 1/4 chord or the leading edge) as angle of attack changes.

    I have details for a handful of NACA standard airfoils from Anderson's Intro to Flight book, but I'm looking for more.

    Most of the information I've found on the NACA technical reports server only applies to tests with different types of flaps, which is not going to work for my needs.

    Basically, I need to decide on an airfoil shape which I'm going to be using to test a new type of pressure sensor. The goal is to find a shape which results in as large a variation in moment coefficient as possible without having major flow seperation as the angle of attack is varied. The specific angles of attack haven't been decided yet, but my guess is anywhere from +-10 to +-20 degrees.

    It looks like the moments for NACA 4 and 5 series are fairly stable over a wide angle of attack range, and the 64- series are a bit better, but I only have one or two data points to compare.

    Anyone know where this information can be found, short of designing each wing in FEMLAB and running simulations?
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    Try the NASG site. They have polars for many airfoil shapes.

    http://www.nasg.com/afdb/list-polar-e.phtml [Broken]

    UIUC also has lift and moment data (vols 1 to 3):

    http://www.aae.uiuc.edu/m-selig/pub/lsat/ [Broken]

    Airfoil comparison:

    http://soaring.cnde.iastate.edu/calcs/frames.shtml [Broken]

    Check out this last one. It's a Java applet that lets you make airfoils and analyze parameters such as lift, drag, and moment.


    Click on 'The Applet' on the left side frame to start the applet. 'Polar' and 'moment' tabs are available and bring up a plot of Cm vs. angle of attack.
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