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Airplane acceleration physics

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    i have a few questions
    1) an airplane is traveling at 140 km/h when it touches down. if it comes to a stop 1250m later what is the acceleration in m/s^2?
    2)a bridge is 176.4 m above a river. if a fishing line is thrown from a bridge with a horizontal velocity of 22.0 m/s. how far will it have travelled when it hits the water?
    and finally a boat is capable of moving 15.0m/s relative to the water. the captain sets a traveling dur north unaware that there is a current flowing from the east at 4.5 m/s. what is the resulatn speed and direction of the boat?

    i dont need the answers i just need to know how to get them like the formulas n stuff
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    Have you tried at all?

    Do you have formulas like v(t)= v0+ at or
    s(t)= (1/2)at2+ v0t+ x0?
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