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Airplane Flight

  1. Mar 6, 2004 #1
    I need help with the physics of airplane flight with lift, drag, etc. I can find alot of information about it, but I can't find any formulas...probably because everything I've found neglects air resistance.

    Can anyone provide links to sites that would help with this?

    I'm looking for info particularly in glider planes, sorta like the ones the Wright Bros. flew.

    Thanks for any help.
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    NASA has always been my favorite source for such info. This site within NASA.gov has a lot of links and should tell you whatever you need to know.

    BTW, are you saying that all the sources you've found talk about lift-to-drag ratios while neglecting air resistance? Not only is that shamefull, I don't even see how it's possible!

    Could you give a link, I'm curios as to how this was accomplished.
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    Sorry, I worded that incorrectly. I meant to say that I couldn't find any formulas, and the few sites I do find formulas for do so neglecting air resistance (which, just by looking at the the formulas they gave without really looking into it, simply make it Newton's Law's with different variables).

    That site has exactly what I'm looking for...thanks for the help.
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