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Homework Help: Airplane question

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    I have a hard one here :
    The lane for starting a airplane must be long enough for a airplane to accelerate to 300km/h with a constant acceleration on 1.6m/s2. How long must the startlane be?

    This is what I've found out,

    I take 300km/h and make it to m/s
    300 / 3.6 = 83,3m/s
    Then I because I don't know the time I take
    t=v/a 83,3/1,6=132,8sek
    Then I take
    S=1/2(v0+v)*t = 1/2(0+83)*132,8 = 5511m = 5,5km

    But I think that's not the right answer what have I done wrong?

    Thankful for all help
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    There is a solution to this problem. Basic constant acceleration equations are your best friend here.

    You were right to convert your final velocity to m/s. You also have an initial velocity which is not stated, but you can say that initial velocity is 0.

    You made a mistake with your time calculation. (83.3)/(1.6) can not be 132 sec. You are dividing by a number bigger than 1. The number must be smaller than 83.3. There's the hint for you. Your last step was correct but using the wrong time number.
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    thx... small stupid misstakes
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