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Homework Help: Airplane Velocity/Wind

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    A jetliner can fly 6.00 hours on a full load of fuel. Without any wind it flies at a speed of 240 m/s. The plane is to make a roundtrip by heading due west for a certain distance, turning around, and then heading due east for the return trip. During the entire flight, however, the plane encounters a 57.8-m/s wind from the jet stream, which blows from west to east. What is the maximum distance that the plane can travel due west and just be able to return home?

    I've already calculated that the velocity of the plane on the way there is 182.2 m/s and on the way back is 297.8 m/s. I'm just not sure how to determine how to divide the distance. I tried using 3 hours there, 3 hours back, but the distances were uneven. Help! Is there a formula (or formulas) that I can use?
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    You have 297.8 * x hours = 182.2 * y hours and you know that x + y = 6.

    2 Equations, 2 unknowns
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