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B Airsoft bb and the Magnus effect, probaly very dumb but please help

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    Hello, if i shoot a 6mm 0.3g bb down my 300mm barrel at 350 fps what is the maximum topspin i can give to the bb to make it touch the ground 50m away, if i shoot my gun at a 45° angle?
    Is the bb gonna immediately touch the ground as soon as it go out of the barrel due to the magnus effect? Or will the air gonna push it at list 10 15 metters away and ill be able to go to 40 50 metters aiming higher? Is it possible to give my bb trajectory a nice curve if i give it the proper amount of topsin? Intuitivly i want to say yes but airsoft forum tell me that even if i aim high its just gonna go down immediately. Anyway thanks if you can help.
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    Your best bet here is to go out and test it so you know what will happen.

    The magnus effect is an interesting effect and its hard to say how it would affect your BB once shot.

    Here's a video on the effect using a dropped basketball:

    With that said, its time to close the thread.
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