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Airy function

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    I have to solve the limit for the following Airy function in the case when [tex]y\rightarrow{}\infty[/tex]:

    and also for the following function

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    Yes, and I don't! I will, however, be happy to help you as soon as you show exactly where you need help. What is the definition of the Airy functions? That's always a good place to start.
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    I am not experte in Airy function. I become this solution in Maple and Mathematica from a differential equation.
    I have look in some books the definition and now I have the solution for this limits. They go to 0 for AiryAi and to infinity for AiryBi.
    My question now, is it possible to do the Fourier transformation and the inverse Fourier transformation of the Airy functions?
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