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Al 6061 wear properties- help

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    Did some wear experiments on some Al 6061 samples. Could anyone help with some microstructure descriptions (changes) and why oxygen should appear in the EDS of severe wear (70N at a sliding distance of 3000M)?

    Also if anyone has any papers on wear reistance or coefficient of friction I sure would appreciate it.

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    If you exposed the aluminum to air at all following the wear, I would expect oxygen in the EDS signal. Aluminum oxides rapidly, and if you're doing EDS on the surface, there will be a thin layer of Al2O3.

    I'm not sure what you mean by microstructure descriptions.
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    Thank you.
    If it's been slided against a steel ring, wouldn't metal transfer during severe wear cause Iron Oxide to appear on the Al surface?

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    I would actually expect aluminum (and therefore aluminum oxide) to appear on the steel surface. The steel is presumably much harder than the aluminum. Because of this, a wear process would wear away the aluminum, leaving the steel mostly intact.
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