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News Al Jazeera

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    What is your view of the Al Jazeera agency? Note: Please justify your position.
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    I have only ever seen one clip and I don't even remember what it was about because the anchorwoman was an absolute knockout and living doll if ever I've seen one. Whatever else they may do I must remain thankful Al Jazeera hired this woman.
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    Currently, my only experience with Al Jazeera is an issue where they asserted 4 missiles and 4 tank shells were fired at a crowd of civilians, whereas everyone else says they were only fired near the crowd (and only one missile).

    Obviously one shouldn't judge a whole news network by one story, but this example doesn't particularly inspire me to learn more.
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    Al Jazeera women are hot.
    Their website is as biased as can be. (Prison abuse photos, and the fakes, all over the front page while Nick Berg's beheading was put under the economy section. Isreal's wrongs, but no mention of suicide bomber killing)

    They have an agenda. No big deal,but it is amazing to see people claim they are equal handed.
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    I've seen stories of suicide bombings on there quite often. Never seen fake pictures there. I've never seen any bias there. Can you show an example?
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