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Al-W phase diagram

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    hey all.

    i am doing some research about the Al-W system.
    and i wanted to find out how the diagram was made.

    i searched and found who made it -


    but i cant find any more info , and i cand find the journal...

    anyone here can help me?

    in getting the journal , in getting the info somewhere else , anything...

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    i dont need the diagram. i know how it looks , and i have it.

    i am interested in how they came up with it.
    who made it and how.
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    there's a couple ways to make these

    first, the use of cooling curves by DSC can determine phase transitions. if the temperatures are too high, this method cannot produce accurate results.

    second, homogenize the mixture, rapidly quench to prevent re-equilibration, and examine the phase contents from which you can deduce the phases and their compositions which are in equilibrium with each other at the quench temperature. this is most likely the method used to generate the diagram.
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    thx for the answer, but still....

    i was kinda hoping for more information about the first diagram that was made...in 1940...
    i was hoping to find the way HE did it...

    the final purpose is to succesfully make a bulk from tungsten-aluminium that can holg great temp...

    but i am having problems making this bulk - since the melting temp are so far away from each other....
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    you would have two options to create an alloy consisting of phases with different melting points

    first, create your precursor materials with atomic-level mixing, eliminating the need for long diffusion distances to form a homogeneous alloy.

    if this is not possible, you need a high heat flux method to rapidly heat the materials prior to volatilazation. this is the purpose of electric arc furnaces. arc melting in a copper skull will probably do the trick.
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    well...i was afraid the answer would be the arc.....

    but how did the guy in 1940 made his diagram? i now he made it in some sort of experiment...but i dont know how....
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    Hi, do you find the way how he did it already?
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