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Homework Help: Al2(SO4)3 mass

  1. Jan 25, 2006 #1


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    Hi everyone!
    First of all let me say how happy i am that there is such a place where i can ask help with homework.
    I am studing civil engineering and i am having problems with chemistry :frown: :shy:
    I got homework to do and i finished all the tasks except this one and i would reallllyyyy be so gratefull for your help
    Here is the task:

    How much Al2(SO4)3 do you need for the proccess of sedimentation (to get residuum) of PO4 out of 25000L of waste water ?
    Concentration of PO4 is 15mg/L

    thanks again so much for your help :smile:
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    niz, please read the rules for posting homework questions. You agreed to the rules before entering this sub-forum, but if you weren't paying attention then, click the links in my signature line.
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