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AL422 speed limits

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    Hello. I use a Fifo IC AL422B with a 1 MHz write clock and a 625 kHz read clock. I just discovered that 1 MHz is the low speed limit for the clocks. I can speed up the write clock to 2 MHz but unfortunately I can't change read clock speed. As these clocks ( or at least one of them) are used for refresh cycles, do you think that increasing write speed will be sufficient to insure a proper way of work ?
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    The datasheet says it is self-refreshing, so that doesn't look like an issue:


    However, it appears to have the same specs for both the Write and Read clocks -- 20ns to 1us period. You aren't going to be able to read it at 625kHz if I'm reading that specification correctly.

    Do you have the circuit working at 625kHz?
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    Thanks for reply. Reading is done by an old PC (300 MHz) through Centronics // interface and I've no way to increase this speed
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