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Alarm clock DIY

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    I'd like to build my own reliable alarm clock, but I don't have any knowledge in electronics and no fancy equipment, only some humble C programming experience. What do I need and what do I need to know to build one myself.
    Thanks very much.
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    What have you found so far with your Google searching? One of my first electronics projects was to take a basic alarm clock module and build the power supply and enclosure to make it into a real clock. I used that clock for a couple of decades before it wore out :smile:

    But I had the background and experience by then to build the power supply (AC Mains in, 5Vdc out), including all the things you have to do to be able to get it UL approved for safety. That's not where you are right now, so at the very least, you would use a simple "wall transformer" type of power supply to get the 5Vdc or 3.3Vdc needed to power your clock circuit.

    It might be best for you to just put together an alarm clock kit at this point, to start to learn about electronics assembly, soldering, etc., and the kits usually come with helpful information about the circuits you are putting together. Maybe do a search for Electronic Alarm Clock Kit, and show us what you find. :smile:
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    Reliable is the most interesting word in your question. Sleepy people often abuse their alarm clocks. The mechanical part of the design will probably affect reliability more than electrical design.

    You could learn a lot about engineering by thinking carefully about what you mean by reliable alarm clock, and then how to achieve it.
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    Perhaps see what people have built using a raspberry pi.
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    Please don't take your completed alarm clock to school and show it to a teacher. He may think it is a bomb and call the police. :wink:
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    LOL. Just get permission in writing first... o0)
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