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Alarm @ wing stall

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    I want to make an alarm when the wing stall condition is reached, for that i want to convert pressure into electical signal, what would be he best way any idea????/

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    Piezoelectric pressure sensor? Whenever there is a change in pressure, electricity is generated in this thing, albeit, for a very short while. You can program to use this electricity to switch on an alarm when there is a sudden change in pressure. Though I would suspect that that the change in pressure for stall would be different for different altitudes so it might be a bit tricky to program that.
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    How about a simple pitot tube and a pressure transducer?
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    Yes the pitot tube would be able to give the pressure while the pressure transducer would be able to convert it to electrical signals. that would do fine i guess....
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    You guess? That's exactly what pressure transducers do. They convert pressure to some form of electric signal. What else are you considering for the system? What other criteria do you have to meet?
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    I dont have any constraint of altitude,
    what i am planning to do is first to make a wing airfoil section and a wind tunnel(H15 W15 L25) and to
    detect a pressure change i am trying to place a diaphragm such that it helps in movement of a black paper in front of a light sensor. Whenever pressure changes, diaphragm would move such that the light sensor detects that change and alarms go on , is this feasible and if not ,then any other solution. Yes pitot tube would be good but i want to try some other way, using transducer would also help, how much a piezoelectric pressure transducer would cost?????

    Thanks Fred,sid and all
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