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Albert was right,twice.

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    Hi all,

    AE said that god does not play dice. I agree.

    I see it like this. The properties (energy, charge, field, etc) of the quantum system are distributed over all the states defined and described by the superposed wave function. This is a continuous distribution. When an interaction occurs, a localization of the property distribution of the system takes place and the wave function appears to collapse. This apparent collapse is just a reorganization of the property distribution of the system, due to the exact nature of the interaction. Since we due not know the exact nature of the interaction, it appears probabilistic, but is actually totally determined.

    The distribution interacts with the measuring system, and localizes in a neighborhood. The neighborhood is dependent on both the strengths and the asymmetries of the interactions of various parts of the distribution with the elements of the measuring system.

    AE said no spooky action at a distance. I agree,

    Her's how I see it. When entanglement occurs there is an actual QM field connection between the entangled parts of the supersystem. This QM field allows fo rFTL information transfer within its boundaries. When the entanglement is broken by an interaction, the transmission of the information destroys the QM field and thus the connection.

    The QM field is a structuraliztion of the vacuum that creats pathways for FTL communication. Its spacial extent is probably quite small. The information is probably carried in something akin to a spin field wave or a torsion field wave.

    Thanx for listening

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