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Albertros culture

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    Why do people not use language to communicate in Albertros culture ? How far do you think such a culture reaches before transforming into another cultural form ?

    Tim Benach
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    By the way, is there any remark about such a culture in current social trend you would like to include, especially the society you are living in ?
    One of modern culture I would like to remind you of is the internet culture I so-name myself in which I personally think you can find more freedom to have your own opinions around here and there, whenever and whatever.

    Tim Benach
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    I would help if you would give some information on "Albertros culture". I was unable to find anything on that on google.
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    "The Albatross Culture" is a role-playing game to demonstrate to students the complexity of culture...

    http://www.salto-youth.net/static/downloads/toolbox_downloads.php/274/albatros.pdf [Broken]
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    Now that I have read what you are refering to I think that what a person is exposed to of the 'Albatros Culture' is specifically made to be simplistic to throw off the perceptions of the participants. From what I read there really isn't any reason to believe that the 'Albatros' don't use language and really even just the three simple expressions used in the excersize are a sort of language. I think that the limitation of the language is only supposed represent a lack of common language and an ability to communicate and understand what is occuring.

    Did you actually participate in this excersize? What were your impressions?
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