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Alchemy not allowed in forums

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    Ok, let's get this straight once and for all, chemists and moderators. I've read the rules and no where does it say that talk of alchemy isn't allowed. However, in my introduction one of the moderators mentioned that discussion about alchemy wasn't allowed. Is he mad? What is the official word?
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    Alchemy is not a science and as such not an allowed topic. It falls under the category of non-mainstream theories.
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    You can find the official word by going to the INFO menu at the top of any page here, and choosing "Terms & Rules." Basically:
    By textbooks and journals, we mean reasonably current ones. See the section Non-mainstream theories for examples (not an exhaustive list) of things that we don't discuss here. See the section Acceptable sources for information about journals and other sources that are OK.
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