Alcohol and dehydration

  1. I'm curious if alcoholic beverages can be used to provide hydration. I've read that alcohol can induce the body to lose more water than is gained (For example beer is 95% water). However, if you have no potable water can alcoholic beverage substitute for water ? Does it depend on the percentage of alcohol? For example, does a beverage that has 1% alcohol still lead to dehydration?
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  3. Hangover headaches are attributed to dehydration of the brain. They can be prevented by rehydration before bed.
    The weakest alcoholic beverage I have ever had was Colorado's 'famous' 3.2 beer - 3.2% alcohol (6.4 proof). It is so weak it is legal to serve to minors. It can still give you a hangover headache - albeit a mild one.
    See Wiki: "Low-alcohol beer"
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