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Alcubierre Drive

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    OK, so I have not read the whole paper, can't seem to access it so if anyone has it, please send it my way or at least a link too it. I understand the principles and with White coming out and proposing how to reduce the mass required I can see it being plausable, interesting at the least. Now, again, I have not read the paper and do not know if it covers this, but according to the special theory of relativity, those inside of the craft would get there much faster and age much slower than those of us here on Earth, thusly when they get back we would be older and possibly those that sent them would be dead. Again, I have not read this but the buzz is that it is not completely "trek-like" and that the factors of "warp" would be nearly limit-less. The weeeks or months to travel to Alfa Centuri as White was stating may be plausible, would that be for the observers or for the travelers? Further more, it is clear that the craft would travel exponentiallay faster than any communications capabilities that we currently possess so is anyone working on any other theories taken from si-fy such as "sub-space" or any other coined phrase?
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    Here? http://arxiv.org/abs/gr-qc/0009013
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    Awesome! This tanker thanks you!!!
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    Damn, dt=dt. Assuming we can pull this off, that is cool for us here at home. Sounds almost too good to be true...
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