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Alcubierre Warp Drive

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    I am interested in learning more about the Alcubierre warp drive. Although I've read every qualitative description imaginable plus Lillian Lieber's The Einstein Theory of Relativity, which gives a BRIEF introduction to the math behind GR, I am totally lost when it comes to the math. Although I realize that I will not be able to do the math (I'm a high school student), does anybody know of a resource that will make it a little more understandable?
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    As a starter, try Relativity Simply Explained, by Martin Gardner. It's an inexpensive paperback. You could also try Time Travel in Einstein's Universe, by Gott. The latter book is relevant because general relativity guarantees that any technology for faster-than-light travel is also a technology for time travel. I think some of Michio Kaku's popular-level books may discuss the Alcubierre drive.
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