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Alernative science

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    I don't known if it belongs in the science forum but by browsing the internet I found a web site called Alternative Science. http://www.alternativescience.com/natural-selection.htm
    A "scientific" journalist is making claims that evolution and natural selection is false.

    I just found is that is proof did not support most of its claim.
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    Greetings !

    I think it's enough to read the first few lines
    to see who and why wrote this. In a word, it's
    a bunch of crap.

    The "fittest" is the result of basic physical
    entities interacting according to the laws
    of physics (which can in turn be discribed
    by mathematics). There is no problem of
    definitions here. I saw no point to read
    beyond this part, so please do tell me if
    perhaps there is indeed something worthy
    of serious attention beyond this point.

    Peace and long life.
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    Re: Re: Alernative science

    I am just trying to start a discussion (more or less trying trying to rest my post count :wink:) on false interpretation and misuse of evolution and science. You should read the section "How dare you", the guys is trying to justify that he is knowledgable and its quite entertainning. The rest of the website is worth browsing for entertainment purpose.
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