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Alexander shulgin

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    I was wondering how you guys feel about Alexander Shulgin and the work he had done? Furthermore, how does the chemistry comunity as a whole feel about his work?
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    Do you guys know who Alexander Shulgin is?
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    I had never heard of hime before today,
    But according to Wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_Shulgin" [Broken], he is,
    It seems that he synthesized many types of drugs and experiments with them (in the scientific sense, not the drug user sense) to determine their effects on the human body.
    Other than that, I dont know what else he has done since.
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    all -

    Alexander Shulgin (Sasha, to his colleagues) is somewhat infamous for his very excellent work in psychotropics and psychoactive drugs. He is nevertheless a very well-respected organic synthetic chemist.
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    The guy is a genious, but nuts in the head. I believe he literally injects himself with experimental compounds he makes, even before they go into rats and mice testing.
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    That guy must really like his work!
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